Stone-ground, whole-grain, heirloom corn

gritsmealflourStone-ground grits, cornmeal, and corn flour Internationally renowned, often imitated, and never equaled, Hoppin’ John’s grits (the coarsest grind), cornmeal (medium grind, for cornbread), and corn flour (fine, for dusting fish and vegetables for frying and for tamales) are natural, whole-grain, stone-ground and mountain-grown. Nothing has been added to or taken away from these products. The corn is heirloom dent corn, the traditional corn of the South. It is neither a modern hybrid nor genetically modified. It is shipped to you the day it is ground, directly from the mill in the mountains of Georgia. ("The best white grits I've tasted" -- Ed Behr, The Art of Eating) Freezer storage is recommended. Demand is greater than our supply. Please allow three weeks delivery time. It almost never takes that long, but there are times of the year when we are extremely busy and other times when it's simply too humid to grind. Order before you run out! Packed in 2-pound cloth bags sealed inside a plastic bag with a recipe card. $10/each. THOUGH WE LIST ONLY PLAIN WHITE DENT CORN, WE CAN GRIND JUST ABOUT ANYTHING FOR YOU AND PROVIDE YOU WITH SELF-RISING PRODUCTS IF YOU PREFER. CONTACT ME.

 Unmixed cases of 12 bags are $112 plus shipping.

Don’t be put off, thinking whole-grain grits or polenta require long tedious cooking: you can cook them in a slow cooker such as a Crock Pot ®, in a rice steamer, or overnight in a low oven. For instructions, go HERE

PW SHORT General Store, owned by my "son" Scot Hinson, is now stocking these products. It is located in the Design District of Savannah, on the corner of Whitaker and Taylor Streets. Phone (912) 349-6378. My grits and cornmeal are used at TENOC in L.A.
, Bayona and Cochon in New Orleans, at Langermann's in Baltimore, at Jamie Theriot's SMOKE MODERN BBQ restaurants, at Aria Tuscan Grill in Charlotte, and at Jeff Tunks's restaurants in Washington, DC (see Passion Food Hospitality). Others are listed on John's Blog.

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Stone-ground grits - 2 pound bags (Order unmixed cases of 12 bags below) Product Details
Cornmeal - 2 pound bags (Order unmixed cases of 12 bags below) Product Details
Corn Flour - 2 pound bags (Order unmixed cases of 12 bags below) Product Details