Jessica Harris: "This wonderful book restores frying to its rightful place in the culinary firmament. You go, boy!"

Camille Glenn, author of The Heritage of Southern Cooking:
"Hoppin' John's latest book is the best available on frying food. Taylor has not neglected a single factor in how to fry successfully: the best equipment, the best oil or shortening, the correct temperature. This cookbook is a veritable tome of inspiration for the good cook."

Library Journal: "Taylor’s southern upbringing gave him a sound appreciation for good frying techniques, and his newest book shares the secrets he’s absorbed over the years…. His generally straightforward recipes cover the fried foods of most culinary traditions. Taylor exactingly inventories different breadings and coatings to help the cook determine which, among many, to exploit for fried foods’ best results."

Booklist: "Taylor is an authority on Southern cooking (The New Southern Cook), but the recipes in his latest collection are cross-cultural in inspiration, by no means limited to Southern food…. He provides delicious recipes of all kinds…Fear of fat or not, this should be popular. For most collections."