Pat Conroy: "Reading this book for me is like taking a trip to my home in the Carolina Lowcountry -- a treasure to delight all cooks, especially those of the Southern school."

Rita Mae Brown: "Chile, this book will warm your parts and delight your soul!"

Madeleine Kamman: "Excellent recipes accessible to cooks of all levels, research without peer and lively, personal writing style make John Taylor's fascinating book the prototype for any serious American regional cookbook."

Richard Sax: "This is the work of a historian and a cook (and local Bubba), blessed with the storyteller's gift. Densely packed with information and insight, it's continually engaging as it propels you forward into its energetic narrative. But above all, it's the author's clear voice, singing true, that makes this an important contribution to the literature of regional American food."

Rux Martin, Senior Editor, Chapters (former Editor, Eating Well): "The most exciting book I've read in a long, long time...every bit as rich and intimate as the traditions described. I'd forgotten how rare that kind of writing is."

Mark Miller: "John Taylor's timely Hoppin' John's Lowcountry Cooking is one of the most important books on American regional foods in many years. It reaffirms that we need to learn from our own culinary traditions. Each page is packed with delectable dishes and reflects the sensibility of a region and its people that create good food."

Bookpage: "John Taylor elevates cooking into an art form and provides flavorful anecdotes about the recipes' origins. A treasure for gastronomists and historians alike. Taylor leads us through each recipe with a pinch of humor and a pinch of history. His cookbook is the next best thing to moving South."

World of Cookbooks: "All the earmarks of a new classic: scholarship combined with passion and personal experience...The best sort of cookbook -- great recipes, combined with history, lore, and reminiscences. Full of vibrancy and surprises...and recipes with individual style."