Hoppin' John's® is owned by cookbook author John Martin Taylor, best known for his southern culinary expertise and his stone-ground grits and cornmeal. Hoppin' John opened his culinary bookstore in 1986 in Charleston, South Carolina, but switched to website and phone sales in 1999. He is the author of four cookbooks, including Hoppin' John's Lowcountry Cooking (20th Anniversary Edition now available); The New Southern Cook (Bantam, 1995); Hoppin' John's Charleston, Beaufort & Savannah: Dining at Home in the Lowcountry (Clarkson Potter, 1997) and The Fearless Frying Cookbook (Workman, 1997).

I have recently donated my papers to the College of Charleston Special Collections and my culinary library to the International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach. You can read about it here.

The site is SAFE, SECURE, and PRIVATE. Your credit card and personal information are encrypted at the highest level commercially available. We do not loan, rent, sell, or share any of your personal information. Please place your orders here online.

Orders for corn products are ground and shipped in the order in which we receive them. Shipping is figured by weight and address, though the more you order, the cheaper the shipping will be per item.

Though it rarely takes this long, please allow three weeks' delivery time for corn products.


Knife orders are shipped via Priority Mail usually within a day or two of receiving the order. You should have your knife orders within a few days. The knives are guaranteed. They come with a foam-lined tin box.

$75 includes shipping to anywhere in the United States. 

I am proud to be the US Importer of he best oyster knife I have ever used, the EZ Profi. I bought one in Carcassonne, France, in November 2014 and immediately contacted the maker. I grew up gathering oysters from the banks of South Carolina tidal marshes. I have opened thousands upon thousands of oysters and never have I used a better tool. Chef Marcel Schouwenaar, who designed the knife, is the "Dutch Champion," the 3-time winner of the Oyster Competition and the record holder for opening 25 flat oysters and 25 wild oysters in 6 minutes and 22 seconds. In the competition, which is held among 120 professional chefs, each oyster must be cut entirely from the shell without injuring the oyster and without losing its "liquor." Ergonomically designed and crafted in nickel-free surgical steel from Solinger. I have the used the knife with French flat and wild oysters, with Gulf Coast, Chesapeake Bay, and Long Island Sound oysters, as well as with clusters of our wild local oysters here in Savannah and Charleston. The knife makes ease of tiny coin-sized oysters as well as banana-sized.

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To learn more about John and his culinary adventures and consulting work, visit his blog at www.hoppinjohns.net.

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